Having your own server onsite, managed by a dedicated team of IT specialists gives you the benefits of your own ‘Private Cloud’ - without the extra costs.



Retaining expensive IT staff, on-site and full-time, isn't cost-effective. Even the best staff take holidays, get sick, can only deal with one problem at a time…

Having a team of IT staff at your fingertips can provide more effective support. If your staff do need assistance, with your permission we can access your network from our remote help-desk, see what the problem is, and show your staff how to resolve it.

If we cannot access your system remotely, we come on-site - fast.

When the situation is critical, such as a total network failure, we will visit and stay on the job until the problem is sorted. 

We regularly monitor key conditions on your system and devise a way for you to keep working even when the network has failed.

Marsworth Computing provides all the skills necessary to design, install and maintain your computer network. We build a long-term relationship with you so we understand your business and ensure that your computers are a benefit - not a nuisance.