PASO is a Cloud-based, enterprise level practice management system for accounting and service organisations. It is highly configurable, catering for the business needs of large and smaller organisations. PASO accommodates multi-company, multi-entity organisations.

PASO provides comprehensive time recording and billing for national organisations with multiple offices, regions and entities.

For smaller firms, the unique ‘preference’ concept provides for the simplification and ‘shrink wrapping’ of PASO to make it suitable for all sizes of organisation practices. 

API’s (programming interfaces) are provided to optionally facilitate import of time, employee expenses and other data from third party organisations. Migration and merger interfaces are also provided. PASO is fully ‘Azure’ compliant for effective Cloud operation.

Integration with the powerful FileVision information management system provides an enterprise level base for the administration of the forward-thinking organisation.

PASO is a user-centric system. It provides extensive functionality, maximum flexibility whilst adhering to an organisation’s pre-defined business rules and security rules. 

Sophisticated security may be applied to restrict user functional or data access as required.